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10 Facts about bidtracer

Posted by Allie on Apr 13, 2023 11:45:24 AM

1) Bidtracer was founded in 2005

2) It is a Specialty Software Group Company

3) The founders are two life-long best friends turned engineers – Kris Mehta and Samir Gulrajani

4) Kris is a Mechanical Engineer and Samir is an Electrical and Computer Engineer

5) Mehta comes from a subcontracting family - he took over the family HVAC business when his father retired

6) Mehta and Gulrajani are Wisconsin natives and Badger alumni – the first Bidtracer office was opened in Mequon, WI

7) Mehta added controls to his HVAC company shortly after taking over and saw immediate success

8) Bidtracer’s first feature was the bidding tool

9) Bidtracer is one of the few companies that serves the construction and service side simultaneously and offers full lifecycle tools to complete project management workflows

10) The founders understood the importance of accessibility and availability - Bidtracer is the ONLY company to offer unlimited storage to every user no matter which feature or company type