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Bidtracer Featured In CIO Review's "Top 20 Most Promising Construction Technology Solution Providers of 2017"

Posted by Johnny Karstadt on Sep 6, 2017 1:22:20 AM



As technology continues to advance in the construction industry (and every industry) at a rate never before seen in human history, Bidtracer has proven itself as a leader of the pack once again. This time, earning a spot on CIO Review's 2017 list of "20 Most Promising Construction Technology Solution Providers."
Krishan Mehta (President) and Samir Gulrajani (VP) are friends and construction industry veterans who came together in 2005 to create Bidtracer when they saw a clear need for a software solution for Subcontractors. Everyone knows Excel is painfully slow and inefficient, and the software being pushed on Subcontractors at the time was basically GC software in disguise.
The two friends started by developing a software they could use for their HVAC business and had great success. Eventually word got out and they stopped developing the software for themselves, and started developing for the industry.
Today the future looks bright as they sit among the top 20 in construction technology along side companies like Trimble and Autodesk.
Bidtracer's software is designed specifically for subcontractors and has earned its reputation from its ability to complete bids in minutes instead of hours, for providing customizable and real-time reports with just a few clicks, for automating follow-ups so you don't have to manually track every bid, for managing all of your customer documents and so much more.
I didn't even mention the Building Automation and Controls (BAC) Estimate Tool, one of the few tools in the world for estimating building automation.
Bidtracer also offers Project Management, CRM, and their Service Estimate Tool which quickly drafts service agreements and can generate proposals for preventative maintenance, all with the click of a button!
Then there's the user-friendly mobile interface that makes it easy to communicate between subs and workers on-site, allowing them to annotate plans and create RFI's or internal issues which are updated and available instantly to everyone in the field and in the office, saving you hours of valuable time.
Finally, if that's not enough, Bidtracer provides intensive training for all clients to ensure that you are effectively implementing the software as set up to launch your business to new levels of success!
If you feel that your company could benefit from increased efficiency, better organization and communication, or more time and more money in your pocket, you can REQUEST A DEMO and find out how Bidtracer can impact your business.
Also, click the link below to see the full article in CIO Review.


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