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Posted by Johnny Karstadt on May 20, 2016 4:35:17 PM

The Mechanical Contractors Association of America (MCAA) recognized The BP Group with the E. Robert Kent Award for their development of their PIPES system, standing for process, information, portal, enabling, and success. It is a an innovative management and technology tool designed to streamline processes, for HVAC specialists.

John Fanneron, President of BP Group, was very clear about the need to utilize the latest and most effective and efficient technology to improve their systems. “We need to use current technology and organization structure to better our process and delivery,” says Fanneron.

It's no accident that Fanneron turned to BidTracer's Construction Management Software.

You can see BidTracer software highlighted in BP's PIPES Intro video:




Specifically, BP is taking advantage of Bidtracer's digital bid management, invitation management and project management tools that eliminate old and inefficient processes saving you time and money.

These tools allow you to create and submit bids in minutes instead of hours, provide automated follow up so you don't lose business because of a missed communication and provides real time updates that keep everyone on the same page whether they are in the office or on the job site.

These tools are a critical component of BP's PIPES system, helping BP fulfill its intention to streamlines processes, improve employee practices and provide customers with a consistent experience.

“It’s the keep it simple principal, KIS. We have reduced many soft costs with the utilization of PIPES. Internally and externally, we have been able to eliminate duplicative processes, we’ve increased accountability, which has been real big, which has assisted us greatly in competing in today’s market,” says John Fanneron, President of BP Group.

BP Introduction to PIPES 




The MCAA has released a free PIPES download to all MCAA members at no charge as a benefit of membership.

Members of BP Group took photos with Shaquille O'Neal, retired NBA player, and Sheryl Crow, American singer-songwriter and actress, as they were both present at the award ceremony. “We are really grateful, and we feel very blessed with our membership with the MCAA and the MSCA,” says Fanneron. Fanneron, John Losey, Robert Barbera, and Steve Heiderstadt were there to accept the award on behalf of BP Group.




The BP Group, located in Glendale New York, is a leader in commercial HVAC maintenance that prides itself on being innovative and providing high quality services to its clients. For a closer look on BP Group’s innovation, view its new website.

There are thousands of small and medium size businesses who currently use Bidtracer, and we have fully integrated our software with larger companies on the forefront of the construction industry such as ACCO Engineered Systems, Johnson Controls, Inc., BP Group, P1 Group, Climatec, and Comfort Systems USA to just name a few.

Whether your operation has just a few employees or you are with a Fortune 100 company, Bidtracer can transform the way you do business.

I invite you to request a demo by clicking the link below. There’s no obligation, and you'll discover how Bidtracer can make the difference in your company that you are looking for!


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