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Robots In Construction

Posted by Allie on May 9, 2023 8:41:26 AM

Robots are no longer a thing of fiction.

In fact – technology has come so far that there are restaurants currently using robots to prepare food and serve customers across the world.



So if restaurants are using robots what about the construction industry?

Here are four of the most common ways that robots can be used in the construction workflow;


  • BRICK LAYING – It’s repetitive, it’s heavy and can be rather tedious. So why not let a robot do it for you? Construction robots in their simplest forms can do automation very well.


  • SELF-DRIVING ROBOTS – In order for a person to be allowed to drive special equipment like cranes and bulldozers, they need to be trained and certified and then there is still the risk of “user error.” Autonomous vehicles can save you training time and the risk of improper execution and human safety.


  • 3D PRINTING – 3D printing is the layering of materials to create an object from a digital model. It is currently used in medical, automotive and aerospace industries so why not construction? 3D printing can do anything from build pieces for a project to completing the project in its entirety. There are currently bridges and homes in use that came about from 3D printing – it will be exciting to see what it can do for the commercial market.


  • SECURITY – Last but certainly not least, perhaps the most important thing aside from the safety of humans, is the safety of the project. Whether it be theft or squatters – keeping your site safe is as important as ever and sometimes the hardest thing to do. Relying on a 3rd party vendor to provide proper surveillance for multiple acres of land is not an easy feat. This is where those drones can come into play. Being that they can scout over 20 acres in an hour, they certainly are the smarter choice as a first response to get proper authorities on site.

Though robots in construction are not yet the human-like ones we all saw in I, Robot, they are doing more than we once imagined.

What other ways would you like to see technology help the construction world?

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